Have you ever been challenged to change approach to situations you find hard, only to be discouraged by the reality of how challenging your new approach feels despite your good intentions?

In team sport players each have a position on the field. While we pretend it’s not actually the case, some positions are seen as more “important” than others (the pitcher on a baseball team, for example). As a result, being the pitcher is often a highly desirable post – but not always occupied by the player most suited. What happens when you’re possibly the best pitcher on your team but that role is already occupied by someone more concerned with the image of a pivotal role, than their own ability to play it or the benefit to the rest of your team?

It’s a discouraging feeling if those you should be working with appear to be“blocking the plate” out of personal shortcomings or insecurities. Of course you could just continue to play your own role, but what’s the point when the current guy is being a prima donna and can’t people see you could do a better job anyway?

What I’ve discovered more recently is while I focus on where I should be, I fail to contribute from where I am. I’m challenged to think that one person confidently doing the right thing is far more valuable then, an entire team jostling for control over who plays where. The difficulty is going to be believing that in situations where the reality feels quite the opposite.

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