You may have been raised charismatic if…

Made me laugh – I could actually tick off quite a few.

  • you would say a quick prayer asking for the forgiveness of as many sins as you can remember when the traveling prophet would start walking around in the congregation.
  • you know what the initial evidence of the infilling of the Holy Spirit is.
  • you feel uncomfortable in churches where people don’t raise their hands.
  • you liked Hillsong before they were cool.
  • your church was worried about Y2K.
  • you’ve question the salvation of your Catholic friends.
  • you’ve ‘laid’ things at the altar, but never physically left anything there.
  • you’ve worried you’ve missed the rapture on more than one occasion when you can’t get a hold of your Christian family members.
  • your church’s altar ministry team included “catchers.”
  • your pastor would shout and sweat when he preached.
  • your church had a ‘blanket’ ministry.
  • your Christmas services were like a Broadway show.
  • you took a water bottle with you to church.
  • Kleenex boxes lined the front altar of your church.
  • the phrase “IshouldaboughtaHondabutIboughtaNissan” makes you laugh and makes you feel guilty at the same time.
  • when someone shouted “FIRE!” in your church it didn’t cause alarm.
  • you’ve been drunk…in the Spirit.
  • you would keep your eyes open during a response time to see if people were really raising their hands all across the room.

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