Played on one of our youth camps. We changed screaming for “wooooing”.

Have the entire group “line up in a circle” – you know what I mean… Important: everyone needs to be able to see the eyes of everyone else.

Explain that you will be saying two sets of instructions repeatedly, “heads down” and “heads up.” When you say “heads down,” everyone looks down. Whey you say “heads up,” everyone looks up, STRAIGHT INTO THE EYES of anyone else in the room. Two possible consequences:

  • if they are looking at someone who is looking at someone else, nothing happens;
  • if they are looking at someone who is looking right back at them, they are both to point in a very exaggerated manner at the other person and let out a SCREAM OR YELL. They are then “out” and take their places together outside of the circle to observe.

Once the “screamers” have left the circle, the circle closes in and you repeat step two, followed by step three, until you are down to two people. Yes, they have to do it one more time, even though the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

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