FebFast Fundraising Tips

I recently completed FebFast, the charity movement which challenges you to take a 28 day break to raise funds for youth addiction. There’s 4 fasts to choose from: alcohol (in the same vein as Dry July), caffeine, sugar and digital screens; two of which are a little easy for me (and one almost impossible) so I went with sugar.

Was interested in their fundraising tips, so I’ve copied a few of them below.


The golden rule of fundraising is to simply ‘ask’. Have a plan, break it down into bite size pieces, and you’ll quickly see the love coming in!

Day 1 – $84

Do two quick basics. Go to your fundraising page, and add a pic and a bit of blurb. Let people know this is going to be a challenge! Now, send an email to 3 family members. (Click on the left hand side ‘email sponsors’) and ask for $28 each – that’s just $1 per each day of your Fast.

Day 2 – $140

Now do the same thing and email 5 mates. Send an individual email rather than a 101 round-robin blast. Gets results!

Day 3 – $75

Now ask 5 co-workers to throw $15 your way. A good line here is this: “I’m doing FebFast so that you don’t have to – now pay up!”

Day 4 – $60 (if 20% of mates respond)

Jump onto Facebook and divide your weeks fundraising target (say, $300) by the amount of friends, say 80. Equals – $6 each. Add a status that asks for just $3.76 per person. You’ll be amazed how often distant pals donate!

Day 5 – $56

Ask 2 people at a local club or business you frequent for 28 each (use the ‘$1 per each day of your Fast’ line)

Day 6

Chances are not everyone above responded. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Send another email. It’s been proven that emails under 3 lines get a 65% higher response rate: just a quick nudge will get them over the line.

Day 7 – Total $415

A Day of rest! Rather than ask anyone for a donation, go to your Facebook, and create a Facebook event for the last day Feb 28th. This sits in pals calendars as a reminder to donate. Don’t forget to add your fundraising page url in the ‘details’ section.


2 thoughts on “FebFast Fundraising Tips

  1. Haha. That’s the second time I’ve done that. Fixed, but for historical reference –

    I recently completed FebFast, the charity movement which challenges you to take a 28 day break to raise funds for youth addition.

    Hope you’re well.

  2. Youth addition? You mean trying to stop young people doing mathematics? Or by youth addition do you mean adding more youth to the world – so it’s raising money for contraceptives research?

    I’m sure this comment will become obsolete once you add the “c”, so feel free to delete this one then.

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